Technical Editing – Standards Development Services – Product Design

Protocols and Formats – Music & Sound Technology

Musical Instruments & Accessories

Current Focus:

  • Contracting with MIPI Alliance for Lead Technical Editor and Specification Document Manager services

  • Book in development:
    Technical Editing for Standards  Development

  • Serving on the MIDI Manufacturers Association's Technical Standards Board, helping provide oversight of new draft MIDI specifications including MIDI 2.0

  • Developing MIDI 2.0-based products and services, for launch following adoption of the MMA standards (Newsletter coming soon)

  • Blogging on technical editing for standards developing organizations (Newsletter coming soon)

  • Available for consulting projects



  • Career-long focus on creating and managing high-quality, high-visibility technical publications, 23 years of that in a global standards development context

  • Oriented toward industry relations & global technical standards bodies; experienced speaker/lecturer

  • Extensive consulting experience 

  • Practical experience as Product Manager, applying musical and user experience to successful iOS music apps & HW accessories

  • Heavy technical background in computer-based music and audio products and technology, including MIDI and interactive/games, with a long concentration in audio firmware for mobile terminals

  • Experienced media creator in music, film, print, and games

  • Extremely long attention span


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Always interested in new projects.   Located in the greater Los Angeles area, United States.  Have clarity, will travel.


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